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Pamela Vitter, LMT, AMA

“Love is all we need”. 

To push positive energy is love and this has developed into a passion for me to help others. When I work on people…whether it is with clients, friends or family just the same…I push positive vibrations because that is what I’ve known in my heart to do ever since I was a child. To be a massage therapist is a lot more than just a person who rubs someone’s muscles, to me it is a lifestyle of helping people better help themselves. As a massage therapist I have developed my techniques so that Energy work has become my specialty. In doing so I have incorporated in my sessions pieces of several modalities to include or work around such things as rei-ki, unwinding, cranio-sacral, chakra clearing, crystal healing, essential oils, anything that has to do with beneath the  surface and  really touching down to the core of the entity. I do deep massages as much as I do relaxing massages, but what I really love to do is help people unwind from the inside out. To heal within is the first step to healing on the outside because everything is connected both energetically and physically. 

I’ve been clearing myself pretty much my whole life through energetic techniques and Universal healing, but my real trip down this path started with a Rei-ki class in 2010, and then again as I became a massage therapist in 2014. The longer I practice,  the more I feel one with the energies around me.  I would love to help anyone that is wanting anything from muscle release to energetic healing. 

For more information I can be found at the contact below. 

My spa is located in Phenix Salon Suites right next to the new Mercedes dealership just north of Wiggins Pass and Old 41.

My business phone is


Pamela Vitter, LMT, AMA


Cathyrine Behrle, FSMTA Member

Cathy has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2008, when she graduated with honors from Florida Academy of Massage & Skin Care in Fort Myers, Florida. It has been her pride and joy when she graduated massage school while working full time at Home Depot at the same time. Cathy has been an FSMTA member since 2007. Cathy always looks forward to coming to the meetings. FSMTA, according to her, has the most caring and amazing therapists. She’s very proud to belong to a group that cares about each other. It’s like having a big family that always looks out for you.

Cathy believes that a good massage therapist has a combination of passion, knowledge and intuition. She has a high degree of sensitivity towards others and continually works to expand her knowledge in order to provide her clients with the greatest level of care possible. Her firm belief is ” you can’t give what you don’t have. ”

Cathy, we are proud to have you as an FSMTA Southwest Chapter member!!!




Larry Witzelben, FSMTA Member

Larry Witzleben was in the first months of his practice decades ago, when, talking with a friend, a light bulb went on in his head, and he blurted quietly, “It’s the nervous system!” Sure, tight necks and shoulders, sore backs, psoases and rotator cuffs, all that, yes. But underwriting it all, nervous systems in sympathetic overdrive, holding us in our stories and patterns of tension. The nervous system’s the level to treat, he thought, all the while addressing the physical complaints that bring people to our tables.


First a practitioner of Polarity Therapy, Larry knew that the energy field underwrote the nervous system and, through that, the whole bodymind physiology. This lead eventually to his blending of Polarity Therapy and Orthopedic Massage because of the nervous system reach of Orthopedic Massage.


One of our newest members and longest practicing Massage Therapists, Larry has just completed his first year in Fort Myers after moving from Orlando where he’d been in the work since 1989. He enjoyed a private practice that included Florida Hospital, the Winter Park Recovery Center, and the pioneering Getting Well Program. Larry blends Polarity Therapy and Orthopedic Massage in what he calls Neuro-Energy Balance™. His signature treatment is called Drive-Thru Stress Relief!™, an autonomic nervous system treatment which brings you to stillness, and your nervous  system and whole body reset to their natural calm. “It’s your nervous system!”
Larry loves live theater, the symphony, and classical guitar. He loves travel, the outdoors and beautiful beaches; canoeing, kayaking, and frisbee; singing and dramatic reading; long walks, good wine, and good conversation.


Larry, we are proud to have you as an FSMTA Southwest Chapter member!!!



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